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Ahmed, The Servant writes: Bank Of Ghana Sickening Communication

Ahmed, The Servant writes: Bank Of Ghana Sickening Communication

The central bank of the country is the Bank of Ghana. It is the mother of all banks.

It supervises them like the way the Supreme Court supervises all other courts in our country by law.

The bank is a creation of the Constitution, not an Act of Parliament.
The recent audit reports revealed a lot of unpleasant information about the expenses of the bank.

Ghanaians are alarmed by the colossal expenses incurred.
The bank kept mute to allow the only known opposition party, the National Democratic Congress, NDC to hit it hard.
Feeding the public with exaggerated information about the bank and other partisan thoughts.

The bank issued a rejoinder which even confused the public more.
An opportunity was given to the bank by OB of Asempa fame to clarify issues as raised in the audited accounts and NDC’s presser.
It was appalling and sickening the performance as exhibited by the

Director of Finance of the Bank, Charles Randolph.
He was struggling, poor in his communication, and fumbling all over.
Yes, I wasn’t surprised because that is not his field.
He deals with finance communications.

It was the most nauseating interview I ever heard apart from one done by a leading member of our country, who was interviewed by an international media some years back.
Does it mean that the whole Central Bank of our country has no Public Relations Directorate?

Therefore, no Public Relations Director?
Does it mean that the Bank does not appreciate the importance of Public Relations in its dealings with the public and the population?
Then the Bank must quickly put its house in order by giving an impetus to its Communication strategies.

The Bank must know that communication or information is the nerve center of its survival.

An independent institution like the central bank should not sit aloof for government officials to do its public relations on its behalf.
Government officials have no business speaking or defending an independent organization like the central bank.
I don’t subscribe to this style.

If you think Public Relations is irrelevant, then what is happening to the bank now should be a wake-up call to the management and the board that no organization can exist without a communication unit in these modern times.

Information drives the world.
To the bank, there are some specialists available to help you establish productive and fruitful communication to avoid this gaping embarrassment.

Bank of Ghana, sorry, you have failed to communicate your matters to the owners, the Ghanaian population.


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