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Ahmed The Servant writes …Oh No, Dormanhene

Ahmed The Servant writes ...Oh No, Dormanhene

Dormanhene is a paramount chief in Dorman in the Bono Region. He is also the President of the Bono Regional House of Chiefs.

He is also a practicing judge in Tema High Court.

He is Daniel Mensah when he presides in his legal profession as a judge.
At a function, to mark the 10th anniversary of the demise of our 3rd President of the fourth republic.H.E.Prof John Evans Atta Mills, a distinguished servant-leader, held in his home region, Bono Region over the weekend.
Whilst delivering his keynote address, he made a passionate appeal to the President and his Attorney General to discontinue the case involving the State against James G Quayson.

Sadly, he did not assign the reason why the state should abort the trial.
Surprisingly, the learned judge/ Chief did not assign any concrete legal reason for his call.
I ask, is it because the defendant has been retained by his constituents in the recently held bye-election in Assin North?

Will the practicing judge say the same thing if James Quayson had lost the election?
This is not right coming from a judge. This is fatal to our democracy and the rule of law.
Such comments should be coming from non-judicial officers or other Ghanaians not from a judge.
We heard both the sitting and former Presidents making prejudicial comments on the same matter, and yours truly condemned their comments and sentiments.

It is becoming damaging and nauseating when our leaders who should know better, decide to act in the opposite manner creating unnecessary tension in the country.

The hypocritical posture of some Ghanaians should stop. When a similar fate befell the late Hon Adamu Sekande, was Justice Daniel Mensah (Dormanhene) alive?
If yes, did he appeal to the then President to ask his Attorney General to discontinue the matter and let the late MP gain his freedom?

Hon Sekande was charged, tried, convicted, and imprisoned. He later fell sick and died.
We should allow the state institutions the space to work and serve the citizens within the remit of our laws.
What is so special about James Quayson is that he is receiving some partisan support from some of his loyalists.
We must eschew hypocrisy and allow the system to work.

The AG cannot just file a nolle prosequi when the matter has not even commenced.
The Dormanhene is wrong and his call is accentuated with malice and partisanship. We have some other individuals and politicians who are also facing prosecution, why is Dormaanhene quiet on their issues and not asking the President and the AG to halt their trials?

Hon Collins Dauda, Hon Ato Forson, Dr. Opuni and the rest are having banters with the State, why,? Don’t they have blood running in them?

What some of our leaders are doing or acting will rather affect the growth of our nascent and budding democracy.

It is sickening and appalling and this must be stopped.
Ghana is not a useless state.

It is a nation with a Constitution, laws, rules, and regulations, where all the citizens are servants of the laws.
No one is above them. (laws).

By: Ahmed, The Servant

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