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Who Knows Tomorrow? Ahmed, The Servant ask

Who Knows Tomorrow? Ahmed, The Servant ask

The above is a popular question asked by all. The answer is only known by Allah Almighty.No human being can place his or her hand on his or her chest to say confidently that he or she knows what holds for him or her tomorrow or they can live the next moment.

People speak as if tomorrow is known to them or they own it. Our politicians in particular speak with that arrogance and impunity. For instance, all things being equal, the nation will hold its Presidential and Parliamentary elections come 2024.

As usual, ‘my people’ the politicians, have begun with their thoughtless speeches and throwing tantrums around.
They have started inciting their followers, unfortunately, some of their followers will foolishly listen to them and act on their inciteful statements.
Politicians from the two leading political parties are guilty of such ugly comments and behaviors. It is shameful and unnecessary. The question is, who will survive to see and participate in the elections?

I can state that no one can arrogantly hit his or her chest to answer a question.
We should humble ourselves and pray for good health, long life, and prosperity.
In this 4th Republic, the nation had lost some notable politicians who didn’t live to see the next day, week, month, and year.

A sitting President who could not end his tenure, Prof Atta Mills, the longest-serving leader of the state who served both as the Military and Civilian leader of our country, Flt Lt Jerry John Rawlings.

He led both the Provisional National Defence Council and the National Democratic Congress Governments.
We had venerables like Hon JH Mensah, former Senior Minister and Majority Leader of Parliament, former Vice President, Pas Kwesi Amissah Arthur, JH Owusu Acheampong, a former Majority Leader and also an Agric Minister, Prof Kwesi Botcwey, Dr. Akoto Osei, Harry Sawyer, Courage Quarshiega, many former and sitting Members of Parliament and political leaders.

Just about two weeks ago, a sitting Member of Parliament representing the people of Kumawu in the Ashanti Region was called by His maker. Nobody expected that the MP would be called by His Maker at that time.
We have to learn some lessons by being cautious with our utterances, actions, and behaviors.

We don’t own our lives. The owner of our lives and the one who determines any stage of our movements and living is God Almighty. Who will see tomorrow, a week, a month, or a year is not known by any but only God.
Therefore, all must be careful as advised.

Our wealth, power, family, opportunities, links, or fame cannot save us when God decides on any of us.
Our politicians and all must be measured in all their actions. The owner of our lives is the Perfect God, not the loud-mouthed politicians.

God bless us all. But the question still remains Who knows tomorrow?

The Servant

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