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Poor road network hampers development and integration- Akosua Akyaa

Poor road network hampers development and integration- Akosua Akyaa

The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Plyroads Positive in West Africa. Madam. Augustina Akosua Akyaa Mensah has called state authorities to address Ghana’s poor road network.

According to her, poor road network hampers development and national integration.

Madam Akosua Akyaa Mensah, who was the chairperson for the 19th edition of the annual African Union (AU) Day Prayer Conference organised by Mission Africa Incorporated, in collaboration with Parliament of Ghana and Ghana Broadcast Corporation held in Parliament House Accra, made the call during her closing remarks.

According to her, the current state of most roads in Africa, with particular emphasis on Ghana is nothing to write home about.

She argues that the poor nature of the country’s inland road network hampers development and continental integration.

Madam Akosua Akyaa Mensah CEO of Plyroads Positive in West Africa explained further that good and motorable roads play a very critical role in the goods and supply chain industry. The good roads she maintained are necessary to speed up movement.

Madam Akosua Akyaa Mensah CEO of Plyroads Positive in West Africa

“A reliable road network is essential for bridging the gap between manufacturing hubs and consumers as well as to boost intra-Africa trade.”  Madam Akyaa Mensah reiterated.

Having a better road network opens up a country, or a community’s market space to the outside world for more trade transactions, and free movement of goods, services, and people this according to her enhances the economy of Ghana and its neighbouring countries.

“To address this issue, the road should be built with high-quality components, like quality poly products, which are constructed of resilient polymer and intelligent material. With polymer products, the worsening of potholes can be prevented.” She added.

Madam Akyaa Mensah has called on women to get involved in any decision-making process in Africa.

She believes women must be encouraged to go into the construction industry and has promised to mentor 10 young females into the road construction business.

The General Overseer of Trailblazers Christian Ministries International, Rev Dr. Benjamin Ayikwei.

On his part, the General Overseer of Trailblazers Christian Ministries International, Rev Dr Benjamin Ayikwei, addressing the gathering on how Ghana can depart from its current economic quagmire used India as an example, saying that it produces 1000 of its imported goods and has put regulations in place to control them.

He continued by saying that a developed country has fewer advantages than a developing one and that traffic should go to underdeveloped countries instead.

“We must design the system ourselves, and the main issue in this country is that the majority of the money we earn is spent on items that cause capital flight (purchasing goods from abroad). As a result, everything around you that is imported represents money that is leaving the country’s economy when you look at Ghana’s import and export baskets.

If we are importing machinery and cars while exporting commodities like iron, gold, and timber in their raw form, how much timber or gold in its raw form can we sell to equal a cost of a car?

In order to alter the chain of supply and revive the economy, the Ghanaian worker should receive half of his pay, and the other half should be used for items created in Ghana.” He suggested.

Touching on the African democracy Theory being proposed by Dr. Kodjoe Sumney, the General Overseer of Trailblazers Christian Ministries International, explained that as things stand now African political system is designed to run African countries into foreign debt.

He continued by saying that African democracy is the solution we must all look at. We must see how best it could be implemented to set us free from economic slavery after sixty years and still talk about the same circle.

The Vice President of Mission Africa Incorporated, Dr. Mrs, Akosuah Sumney

Meanwhile, the Vice President of Mission Africa Incorporated, Dr. Mrs, Akosuah Sumney speaking about women empowerment at the event, claimed that women all around the world have made progress in both little and significant ways in the battle for women’s employment.

According to her, the struggle for African women to be placed at the head of the table is far from over since progress made by women on the continent is incremental.

She hinted that women outside Africa are more represented in political decision-making across the globe and African leadership and governance must take into consideration the value of women in nation-building.

Dr. Akosuah Sumney thus urges African women to enter politics and contribute to the movement of change in Africa. Saying it is customary to assign women to “soft issue” portfolios like social affairs, children, and family.

She has, therefore, challenged nations to take courageous actions to significantly expand the representation of women in decision-making.

To achieve the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), African leadership must empower both women and girls. Governments must seek to ingrain gender parity in their legal and constitutional systems. They must make sure that all laws are strictly obeyed, as well as eradicate all forms of violence against women, and make sure that girls receive quality and equal education. Dr. Akosuah echoed.

Story: Kwadwo BUABENG

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