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Ahmed Osumanu Halid writes: Akufo-Addo Must Consider The Following Strategies In This Economic Downturn

Akufo-Addo Must Consider The Following Strategies In This Economic Downturn

Ahmed Osumanu Halid a Ghanaian resident has called on the Akufo-Addo-Bawumia-led government to consider the following strategies in the country’s economic downturn:

1Mr President, kindly reduce the number of the Ministers and merge some of the Ministries
2 Mr. President, Kindly reduce the number of your convoys likewise the Vice President and the Speaker of Parliament can also follow suit
3 Ministers and other public officials should be discouraged from using v8 and other high-consuming fuel vehicles which are fueled by the state, such vehicles should be used when they are to perform official assignments outside Accra or the regional capitals.
4 No public official should be allocated more than 2 vehicles
5 Members of Parliament and other public officials should also denounce the use of v8 when doing their Parliamentary tasks in Accra
6 Government should encourage the use of public transportation
7 Government should seek the ideas, opinions, and thoughts of other Ghanaians to help save the economy
8 Government should allow our Ambassadors, High Commissioners, and other international representatives to represent it during international conferences in their countries of duties
9 Non-urgent or important conferences outside the country should be done by our international representatives
10 Bank of Ghana should enforce its law to the letter to check the inflationary rate
11 Government should review some of its social policies immediately.
12 When laws become repugnant to natural justice, equity and good conscience, the laws can be repealed or amended.
Therefore, laws on prices should be amended to bring back control prices
13 Government should quickly stop the dollar transactions or the dollarisation of the economy
14 Mr. President, tired hands and minds in your team must give way either voluntarily or by your authority.
15 Salaries and other perks of our public officials: President, Vice-President, Speaker of Parliament, Members of Council of State, Ministers of state, Members of Parliament, Chief Executive Officers, Board Members, and other appointees of the state must be slashed to a reasonable percentage.
This is when leadership should demonstrate its commitment, love, and care for its citizens.

By: Ahmed Osumanu Halid

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