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IS THE NDC A FANTE CONFEDERACY THINK TANK?... The choice of Running mate.

Over the years, the NDC has accused the NPP of being a Tribal Akan Party as a result of how leaders have been elected to lead the Party since the 4th Republic. It also stems from the fact that the NPP strongholds are within Akan-dominated regions specifically Ashanti and Eastern regions.

So the Akan tag on the NPP has sunk deep in the body politic of Ghana albeit the current President has made such pronouncement that the NPP is an Akan Party. This narrative and stigma are what the NPP is trying to change in the quest to get a non-Akan to lead the party going into the 2024 elections.

Having assessed critically, the criteria and formula for choosing running mates within the NDC could the same be said about the NDC that it is Fante Confederacy?

This is because since 1992, Rawlings chose K. N. Akaa a Fante from the Western Region and when things fell apart another Fante was brought in the name of Prof. John Evans Atta Mills in 1996 as a running mate and vice president and who eventually became the Presidential candidate for the 2000 elections which the NDC lost. The NDC presented the same Fante Atta Mills for 2004 as a northern running mate and same in the 2008 which NDC won with the ticket Prof. Atta Mills and John Manama as a northerner.

So, it’s clear the NDC has entrentrenched a regional balance and succession policy of North and South balance but the irony is that the Southerners have always come from the Fante Confederacy which is a cause to worry as to whether the NDC is a Fante Confederacy think Tank.

More can be justified from the fact that after the demise of Prof. Mills, his successor John Mahama brought in another Fante Paa Kwesi Amissah Arthur as running mate for the 2012 and 2016 elections that sending the NDC to opposition after winning the 2012 elections. In the last general elections in 2020, Naana Jane Opoku Agyeman another Fante was chosen as running mate and the NDC lost the the presidential elections even in the central region.

So, in the light of this analysis, there seems to be a network within the NDC party whose interest is to do the bidding of the Fante Confederacy as running mates. This development if care is not taken could trigger apathy within the Party and that could ruin the fortunes of the NDC in the next general elections which the NDC is likely to win with a strategic choice of a running mate according to our intel. Checks within the NDC rank and file show that the choice of running mate for the 2024 elections should not come from the Fante Confederacy.

The rank and file especially the grassroots and the Cadres are yearning for a dynamic and articulate person whose demeanor, exuberance, posture, and personality resonate with the entire Congress. Someone with strong political connections who can identify himself with the teaming supporters of the Party Nationwide and share in the vision of John Mahama.

Another Intel and school of thought within the Party is of the opinion that with the posture of the NPP going into the 2024 elections, the NDC needs a young, vibrant, and resolute personality with strong Akan connections to neutralize the Akan votes, especially in the Ashanti and Eastern regions where the NDC has never won.

Many names have come up as possible candidates. The likes of Jane Naana Opoku Agyeman from Central, Awuah Darko Ashanti, Julius Debrah, Prof. Alabi, and Sylvester Mensah from Greater Accra, Mr. Tamakloe from Volta, Alex Mould, and others. But checks within the party structures, the Cadres, grassroots, opinion leaders, and progressive organisations, although all these candidates are politicians in good standing with the NDC, they prefer Julius Debrah from the Eastern region, the Former Chief of Staff as possible running mate to JM.

According to these structures within the NDC, Julius Debrah’s Charisma, Leadership skills and qualities, and contribution to the party as a Financier and politician resonates well with the teaming supporters of the NDC which can add value to John Mahama’s ticket to wrestle power in 2024. According to our checks, Julius has been a cadre, youth activist, and Regional Chairman of the NDC, serving under Rawlings, Mills, and JM.

He was the youngest Regional Chairman of the Party in the Eastern Region under Rawlings, Director General of Ghana Tourist Board under Mills, Eastern and Greater Accra Regional Minister as well as Chief of Staff under John Mahama. He is seen as someone who can leverage the Akan votes for the NDC in the Eastern, Ashanti, Bono and Ahafo regions.

Many party faithfuls are of the view that Julius Debrah has a very good interpersonal relationship and communicates well with every and sundry within the party and outside the party. More so his loyalty to John Mahama is unprecedented.

To this end, many party faithfuls are looking forward to breaking this myth of Fante Confederacy within the NDC going into the 2024 elections and the decision rests solely on the Flagbearer, the Party Executive, and the Council of Elders to unlock this myth hanging on the neck of the NDC.

Article by: Haruna Abdul Baaki, Political Analyst, Public Intelligence Bureau, Whisper’s Corner

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