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Emir of Qatar dresses Messi with Bisht 

Emir of Qatar dresses Messi with Bisht 

Qatar impressively introduced the world to so many aspects of its culture. The Emir of Qatar gave Messi the ‘Bisht’ as a sign of respect, he’s a warrior who won for his country Argentina.

A Bisht is usually worn for prestige on special occasions such as weddings, or festivals such as Eid, or for Ṣalāt al-Jumuʿah or Salat al-Janazah. It is usually worn by secular officials or clergy, including tribal chiefs, kings, and imams.
It is a status garment, associated with royalty, religious position, wealth, and ceremonial occasions
Culturally, dressing someone in a “Bisht” (the robe) is an act of courtesy & high appreciation in Qatar.
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